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Anechoic Chambers

Over the years Racontech has developed a wide range of standard products for different types of anechoic chambers. Racontech is the Indian manufacturer of Indoor Antenna Test Ranges for RF and Microwave antenna test and measurement.

The anechoic chambers designed, developed on turnkey basis, providing a secure, radiation-free test environment. Compact Ranges are another type of chambers. Microwave absorbers operate in a broad range of frequencies. Different types of absorbers combined to customise the customer needs.

Racontech provide back-up structures, absorber material and other equipment needed to meet Compact Range and Anechoic Chamber requirements.

We undertake design, construction, or refurbishment of an anechoic chamber.

Anechoic Enclosures are Low cost anechoic chambers.

  • Reflected signal -30dB with respect to direct signal.

  • Custom made corner block absorbers used.

  • Optimum performing absorbers at near normal/grazing incidences of extraneous signals used.

  • Tailored solution, standard size boxes, anechoic chambers are designed.

  • Suitable for X band and higher frequency, viz., frequency 8.0 GHz size 0.8mX0.8mX1.0m.

  • Suitable for 900 MHz and higher frequencies. Performance (Reflection Loss) at lower frequencies shall be deteriorated, like at 750 MHz it will be-25dB only), size 1.2mX1.2mX1.2m.

  • Usable at Microwave, Antenna and RF labs.
  • Designed in view of requirements of educational institutes.
Experiments Using Anechoic Test Boxes
  • Directive gain of Antenna.
  • Front to Back Ratio
  • Side lobe Level and its Angular Position
  • Characteristics of Microwave propagation
  • Polar Plots- E & H Plane
  • Cartesian Plots- E & H Plane
  • 3D Polar Plots Radiation in Space
  • Vertical Plane Plots Ground Plane effect
  • Beam width Half Power (3dB) & 10 dB
  • frequency Bandwidth of an Antenna
  • Current Distribution Study
  • Polarization Study
  • Verify Reciprocity axiom
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